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Timeline: 45 days
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Budget: $3,500.00
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Production of vector-based 2-color and full color files that we’ll love AND prove that Rebaked works

We need help creating a logo that makes a strong impression and represents our brand with great style, professionalism and impact.

We’re putting our hard earned bucks on the line (we’re not a VC backed, nor do we even have an Angel sugar daddy), to get branding that’s congruent with our devotion to revolutionizing service marketplaces and demonstrates our commitment to changing how work works.

The logo will be used in all our marketing collateral: web site, business cards, social media, etc. We need the final product to be a vector-based file.

This project is a little different; Rebaked is the customer on this one. Generally, we’re just the Venue Maker (marketplace host). This is a “dogfood” project - we’re eating our own recipe on this project and want to prove that service works to produce great work. Please give us your best; we’re doing our best to create something that’s great for everyone who participates!

Rebaked projects are collaborative efforts. We are looking to accept several workers to collaborate and earn most of the project's total budget ($2,000) via Bonus payments. Successful minimum payment offers will represent a very small portion of the total project budget.


We’d like the brand to reflect our tagline: “Think work”. We think that summary encapsulates our goals and the product benefits succinctly.

The logo should incorporate both the word “Rebaked” and any visual elements that strengthen the brand.

Cooking, baking, food themes are all ok, but not necessary. Obviously, we want to avoid any stoner references, as in “getting baked”... what you do in the privacy of your home is your business... but we’d rather be associated more closely to the Epicurious than High Times. ;-)

We’re also fans of gestalt principles, particularly closure: http://graphicdesign.spokanefalls.edu/tutorials/process/gestaltprinciples/gestaltprinc.htm#closure

Finally, we’d like the brand to incorporate (or at least not be in conflict with) our core values, as expressed here:


We need (or think we need): graphic artists, illustrators, font gurus (typography experts), production guidance, project management, creative direction, marketing experts, etc.


This project closes today, around noon Pacific... specifically: 12:46 PT. THANK YOU /1 PROJECT TEAM!!! OUTSTANDING WORK!!!

We'd love to have this team on our other projects, especially 'Site Redesign'. Your knowledge gained here, will be invaluable, there.

Just for fun, we'd also like to continue to see some refinements to @170 , as done in @214 . This one is very close to greatness, but not quite there.

We love @212 and feel like we could choose it right now! Shawesome can you please upload the source file for this? With the time remaining we'd like to see several iterations on this (just the logo), and play with the placement of the mark and the tag line, e.g. reThink Work, etc.

@213 I dig this energy! But the hand-in-dough feels out of place. Can we try with different headers?

Mike surprised me this morning with an update to the Rebaked twitter account, using edson's treatment, take a peek: https://twitter.com/rebakedinc

Just wanted to say thanks for including me in this "think tank". This has been way out of my league and comfort zone. So a very humble thank you! :)

Because of the obvious (one not so complimentary) connotations, I'm thinking "baked" requires some repositioning — away from food, and being stoned... The prefix "re" typically means repeating an action, which, in businesses, could mean additional expense — having to redo something that wasn't done properly the first time (e.g. coincidentally, a type of tech communication problem can be referred to as a bake fail)...

Rebaked provides the opposite of "trapped ... Rebaked provides freedom... "Work in Free Space."

"Most workers don’t like being trapped..." - Russ Heasley, Rebaked blog

So, is the Rebaked work environment...fresh? ... "Fresh Work" ... "Work Fresh" ... Freshly baked.

Work needn’t be all shits and giggles, and work can be fun, but work should be at least interesting. Stimulating work doesn’t happen in a stale environment. - Russ Heasley, Rebaked blog

@216 A clean, effective approach to reBaked Facebook home using edson's awesome Twitter banner. I could also see a few of shawsome's icons working for the category pages.
michaelselby $30.00

@215 Typographic strategy. Whichever mark is chosen, hopefully this will give us a head start / guidelines on typography.

Althought "Think" suggests activity, it's not a powerful closer when added to "Work"... "Think Differently" was/is powerful because it is intrinsic to developing concepts, which is the mind space that APPLE wanted to own... I'm not seeing "Think Work" as doing the same for Rebaked... Freelancers want to be as close to a guarantee of work as possible, so I'm thinking something like "Get Work" is a stronger direction... Or maybe "Get To Work", but I'm thinking that may already have been used.

On the tag line "Think Work"... In recent history, the most famous use of the word "Think" possibly belongs to APPLE, with their "Think Different" campaign... It's pretty hard to beat... Also, just checked competitive freelancer sites and saw that ELance has "Work Differently"... Which is a pretty good line.

@213 This is extremely fun and engaging. Great work on the icons. My only problem is that most of the icons speak to "baking" which seemed to be our concept conflict before. Do you think taking the focus away from cupcake is enough to remove the association?

Just an interesting sidebar... When I first applied to be a collaborator on the Rebaked in-house projects, I made the mistake of calling the company "Rebake" and not "Rebaked."... I thought about this today and realized that it could be a common mistake made by John Public, and should be a consideration when developing any branding effort.

@40 Not digging the gear heads execution or the typography, but there is great potential here.

@40 I know I'm late to the party, and the time to work on this project is almost over, but after reading the comments, and info on the site, and then taking a look at the logo work that's been presented, I must say that I'm most impressed with the thinking behind this effort. For me, it's expressing multiple key elements of the essence of the business of Rebaked.