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reBaked is preparing for the launch of a new product called PlayShare that will be called upon to provide Token LaunchPad, GameFi KickStarter, and NFTs, Gaming, and Metaverse MysteryBoxes. Upon the
Nikos reBaked
19 Jan, 2022
3 minutes read
reBaked is thrilled to announce our alliance with HyperSign, a leading Omni-Chain Decentralised Identity Infrastructure. Our two projects will deeply explore areas of overlap and collaborate towards various shared outcomes. As part of t
Nikos reBaked
14 Jan, 2022
3 minutes read
reBaked is delighted to announce that it has been accepted to participate in the first batch of projects to be incubated on Astro’s DAOcubator.
Nikos reBaked
03 Jan, 2022
3 minutes read
reBaked is delighted to announce that it is launching a special contest for all community members who have contributed their share to the development of our community, and pledged their BAKED token for staking in the DAO. In order to give back to the community, we are inviting everyone who has st…
Nikos reBaked
28 Dec, 2021
3 minutes read
reBaked is pleased to announce that Achip & Achair Guild Ventures will launch the AAG Pioneers Campaign to reward early ecosystem builders to build one of the most prominent and rewarding Play2Earn ecosystems. The rise in
Nikos reBaked
02 Dec, 2021
3 minutes read
reBaked is excited to announce that we will be intensifying our community and ecosystem-building efforts focused on Harmony Protocol. As part of this effort, we have accelerated our strategic partnership with Harmony Launcher -with a focus on incubating new projects on Harmony. Harmony Laun
Nikos reBaked
22 Nov, 2021
2 minutes read
reBaked is opening applications for talent to work through reBaked platform and establish opportunities for specialists and professionals from a variety of industries and specializations. The launch comes as the transition of the workforce to remote environments or into freelancer/ contract mode …
Nikos reBaked
18 Nov, 2021
4 minutes read
reBaked is delighted to announce that it is preparing to host the launch of the HarmonyLauncher via our Pioneers product. The launch is an important step for reBaked platform building stronger ties with the fast-growing Harmony ecosystem & showcasing the capabilities of the Pioneers service as a …
Nikos reBaked
04 Nov, 2021
3 minutes read
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