the Web 3.0 Economy

ReBaked enables independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the Ownership Economy. Our launchpad enables early risk-takers to support DAOs by allocating capital while enabling communities to cover immediate financial needs in a Fair Launch discovery.

Our vision

Reconstruct the Ownership Economy:

The next frontier of a community-driven infrastructure

Enable fair launch for Web 3.0 projects

That are earned, owned, and governed by the community

Introduce a novel, fast-paced,

and iterative approach to collective intelligence sourcing

The Fair Launch Movement

Blockchain Networks unlock the new economic model of collectivity, with projects operated and owned by their users & distribute value amongst them. The ownership economy allows numerous stakeholders to deliver results faster, be more collaborative, and have a higher impact on the community.

…. yet there are no mechanisms or infrastructures for scaling the Ownership economy.

ReBaked solves this

Cooperation over competition

Using a fast-paced, adaptive and iterative process, Rebaked harnesses the energy of cooperation and competition, providing companies and entrepreneurs access to a massive workforce, whilst delivering creators guaranteed minimum payments and bonus opportunities, in a low-risk environment.

Raise fair launch capital

People who support your vision and idea can participate financially in the growth of any Web 3.0 infrastructure, without worrying about misevaluation and early price discovery, while supporting financially dedicated contributors.

Turn anyone into a stakeholder – for Communities

reBaked helps you reward your community (users, partners, employees), turning them into stakeholders. reBaked exists for the makers of the world. We believe in merit. We help individuals do and earn more through collaboration. Make your own opportunities.

reBaked for Sponsors

Community sponsors, who believe in the growth of Web 3.0 projects, can decide to provide early liquidity and financially support collaborators and teams devoted to the development of a project. In exc


  1. Evaluate potential opportunities
  2. Engage with teams and collaborators
  3. Always remember to Do Your Own Research
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reBaked for Collaborators

Collaborators on reBaked do not have to be jacks-of-all-trades. Offer up your unique skills, but do not feel pressured to fudge what you do not know - other collaborators will pick up the slack. Showc


  1. Play nice with others
  2. Propose and execute ideas
  3. Be flexible
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reBaked for Web 3.0 Teams

The reBaked system does not require an elaborate project specification - we are flexible.

Projects need to know what the project’s goals are, but you do not need to necessarily know how they can be achieved - that is where collaborators come in. Collaborator expertise coupled with reBake


  1. Set deadlines, budgets, and goals
  2. Onboard a team
  3. Award bonuses for good work
OK, let us start a project!

The fire already exists to Boost
the Fair Launch movement

👌🔥 Produces great work

The work product – the end result of any given project should consistently be state-of-the art. Incorporating the best practices of the time.

🎨 💫 Diminish the power of the plutocracy

Empower the workers and the capitalists create more autonomy for our collaborator. Empowerment of choice, time, creative curiosity, etc.

☝️ Meritocracy!

  • Opens pathways.
  • Disrupts the status quo – worker, manager, capital controller.
  • Superproducers aren’t getting properly compensated.
  • Currently, a lot of workers get compensated for navigating the bureaucracy.

🤓 🎯 Flexible & low risk

Work production should be fulfilling

Fair Launch is still evolving...

#DeFi the State of Work

Credit Vault

When a project is launched, it is difficult to define the realist value of the network.

Expenses are running, and visionary sponsors are required for expenses that cannot be covered by team efforts.

Sponsors on the reBaked launchpad lend capital to decentralized teams, all lent with a fixed interest rate, and collateral tokens from the protocol. At the end of the Working Period, the tokens are auctioned through a Dutch Auction Offering.

Early investors receive the capital along with the interest, while the team initiates its first fundraising round.


Projects launched through reBaked, will be gradually incubated as DAOs and will comply with respect to the jurisdiction that we will select. Token holders will have the ultimate ownership of voting rights for the DAOs. Succeeding the first generation of cryptocurrency investors who were mainly attracted by price speculation, our sponsors are growing and supporting projects to succeed in their goals by being the actual owners of the public infrastructure.

Pre-IDO tokens with Genesis Shards

Tokens distributed to early contributors are locked. Through our partnership with Genesis Shards, employees who need initial liquidity can sell tokens as NFT Wrapped Tokens. Tokens are wrapped in NFT to:

  • retain full control of the tokens and supply in the NFT
  • Create an isolated ecosystem of NFT wrapped tokens that don’t interfere with IDO plans
  • Enable liquidity of illiquid token

Continuous Token Agreement
for the Ownership Economy

Community-owned projects require constant capital to evolve. In the ICO era, pre-mined tokens were either unwisely spent or insufficient to fund development costs. New protocols such as YEARN Finance have begun financing their operations by minting new tokens with investor consensus.

Instead of minting new tokens immediately, and having them dumped on the market, the teams host discounted offerings to investors who need to hold the tokens for at least 6 months. With this process, investors take a long position and secure the growth of the project.

If the process is successful, the team will take a pre-agreed bonus, as agreed with the community.

Emergency Vault

Blockchain projects face many inherent risks. A team can issue initial tokens to cover urgent security or emergency incidents. These tokens will reside in an emergency vault. Tokens will be locked, and the community will need to approve any unlocking to remunerate or cover expenses related to the incident.

ReBaked offers a solution
of true Fair Launch

Moving from initial idea to functioning product, our goals evolved from an incremental
improvement in the service marketplace sector to a game-changing shift in how
knowledge work can be accomplished

We are building a real community
of contributors

who are true stakeholders
in the network

We reward early risk-takers!

We have created a new mechanism
to build long-term sustainability

on the network without

How Baked accrues value

Guardian Bonds

Users staking their tokens in our Guardian Bonds will be able to participate in the governance of the protocol & earn fees from the protocol. Staking rewards occur only based on platform incurring fees, and not any inflation rewards.

More specifically:

  • participants staking their tokens will receive a 5% fee for Sponsored projects launched on the platform.
  • Fees will be converted to Baked tokens and will be distributed in epochs. Each epoch will be one calendar month, and users need to bond their tokens at least 24 hours before the new epoch in order to start earning rewards.
  • Users can withdraw their tokens after the distribution of their protocol rewards, or continue staking for the next epoch.

Only bonds that are staked for at least 3 consecutive epochs will be eligible to participate in protocol’s governance to suggest submit a proposal, or vote for a proposal.

reBaked Fair Launch Shares

  • Community projects launching on reBaked will need to substitute fees, with a 3% TAX of the total project’s token issuance to reBaked Fair Launch Treasury.
  • Fair Launch Shares will be limited to 100 and will be distributed with a Dutch Auction when the protocol is mature. To acquire the shares, participants will bid with BAKED tokens, so numerous tokens will be removed from circulation. reBaked shares initially will be limited to 100. Tokens paid to acquire shares will be burned.
  • Shares could be transferred / sold but not redeemed for BAKED tokens. The more valuable the treasury, the more valuable those shares will become. The governance can decide to increase the number of Shares, though the price for newly issued shares has to be at least 3x from the latest offering.

Stakeholders can decide to redeem assets held on the treasury with a majority vote. As the reBaked ecosystem will become more successful and more will be launched, the value of those is likely to multiply.

How we challenge the current
State of Work

The Defiant@DefiantNews

“Fair launch is evolving fundraising mechanisms so that protocols are bootstrapped in a symbiotic and not parasitic way” @GavinMcDermott of @IDEOVC . DeFi's new way of raising money is the opposite of "degen"

2:22 AM · Oct 6, 2020·Twitter Web App
Brian Flynn 🐇 🕳️ (Hiring Frontend Dev)@Flynnjamm


My latest The fair launch is having crypto founders re-imagine incentive structures. Founders want to reward users and contributors, rather than whales.

6:08 PM · Aug 30, 2020·Twitter Web App
fair launch capital@fairlaunchcap


1/ Today we’re announcing fair launch capital We’re not a new VC fund; we’re not “Fair Launch Capital”. We *provide* fair launch capital. We're a community resource providing free access to capital for new Fair Launch networks and projects.

10:46 PM · Aug 26, 2020·Twitter Web App
TZ (Tiffany Zhong) 🏝️@TZhongg


From my MIT Technology Review interview on NFTs: NFTs has turned the creator economy into the ownership economy. Fans can prove that they were early supporters of a creator and capture value from betting early too.

3:19 AM · Mar 27, 2021·Twitter Web App
Coopahtroopa 🔥ᴗ🔥@Cooopahtroopa


Increasingly bullish on issuance models that continually reward active contributors. The days of parking your capital and free-riding will soon be replaced by specialized curation to give power users the most upside.

11:33 AM · Oct 15, 2020·Twitter Web App
Ξwoki GITer of COINs@owocki


can we talk about how the "fair launch" meme is just yield farming via LPs, which is just capital making more capital? thats not a fair launch. show me yield farming via sweat equity. i want "proof of knowledge", "proof of use", "proof of marketing"! THAT is a fair launch!

1:06 AM · Oct 15, 2020·Twitter Web App

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