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Terra’s UST collapse has shattered the foundations, which led to the largest wealth destruction event in the short history of the crypto markets. The sharp sell-off across the market (particularly in Alts — most were down >50%), has left many in a state of shock. The market disruption has led to …
Nikos reBaked
15 May, 2022
3 minutes read
reBaked aims to evolve as the main hub for the distribution of community treasuries across projects building on NEAR — and benefit immediately from the ‘first mover’ advantage in this new and exciting space — which is projected to grow further during an anticipated bear market (we will explain th…
Nikos reBaked
09 May, 2022
3 minutes read
reBaked is proud to announce our partnership with Fractal, an open-source zero-margin protocol that defines a basic standard to exchange user information in a fair and open way ensuring a high-quality version of the free internet. Fractal will be supporting reBaked by providing a seamless and pri…
Nikos reBaked
05 May, 2022
2 minutes read
reBaked project is delighted to announce the latest incubation project of reBaked Pioneers- Kala Network. The Kala Network will be leveraging the capabilities of the Pioneers product as an infrastructure for scaling the social-backed Decentralized Exchange & Fundraising Platform. The
Nikos reBaked
04 Apr, 2022
2 minutes read
We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our marketing team in the last few weeks, hiring 4 new colleagues who will be dedicated to focusing on the growth of reBaked and the stronger position of BAKED. Strengthenin
Nikos reBaked
02 Mar, 2022
3 minutes read
reBaked has announced that it will be directing a fund of $100,000 at the development of the Harmony Network Incubator & Development Program. This initiate comes as an initiative led by HarmonyLauncher -a launchpad dedicated to supporting projects in the Harmony Protocol ecosystem. The initiative…
Nikos reBaked
07 Feb, 2022
2 minutes read
reBaked is delighted to announce the integration of reBaked Pioneers & BUIDL on Aurora. The integration will allow the Aurora and NEAR protocols to leverage the full set of instruments offered by the reBaked DAO product lineup. Pioneers pla
Nikos reBaked
27 Jan, 2022
3 minutes read
reBaked is preparing for the launch of a new product called PlayShare that will be called upon to provide Token LaunchPad, GameFi KickStarter, and NFTs, Gaming, and Metaverse MysteryBoxes. Upon the
Nikos reBaked
19 Jan, 2022
3 minutes read
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