When was the last time a new employee offered you a competitive advantage?

We help companies and entrepreneurs outsmart their competitors by leveraging the skills and the outstanding productivity of European and USA based remote workers.

Thanks to Greek-based talent, many first-time entrepreneurs managed to hire the staff they needed at the right time while their competitors were still struggling to make enough money to hire just one local employee.

There are three things that make us the go-to Greece-based virtual staff provider:

Our super fast and totally free recruitment process in which business owners get involved as much as they wish.

The single monthly invoice that covers everything – employee salary, compliance, HR services, payroll management, etc.

Our no work, no pay policy – work progress is followed in real time through screen shots and time tracking software.


How does Rebaked Project Management work?

We try to keep it pretty simple. First you tell us what you want to change about your website. One of our project managers then puts together a detailed quote for your project, breaking it down into tweaks where each tweak is valued at $39.

Once you're happy with the quote you make payment up front and the project is put into the rebaked marketplace for one of our pre-approved developers to start work on

How do I choose a developer for my project?

rebaked.com hand-picks the developers who work in the marketplace and tests them to make sure they're up to standard. Because we know they're qualified up front you don't need to choose a developer, instead they choose you.

This makes the whole process a lot more efficient for you and for the developers. That means projects get completed faster.

How big is a tweak?

This is definitely our most frequently asked question. A tweak is kind of like a todo item. Each tweak is valued at $39. A tweak might take a developer 20 minutes to do or it might take them 2 hours - it depends on how skillful that developer is at that particular task.

How long does it take to complete a tweak?

Some projects are finished in as little as a couple of hours, other projects can take weeks. It depends on a number of factors including how many tweaks the project is, how quickly you're able to respond to any questions from the developer, how busy the developer is etc.

How long does it take to get a quote?

We quote projects as quickly as possible and sometimes you might get your project estimate in as little as 30 minutes but our average is a couple of hours. It all depends on how complicated your project is, how many briefs we have in the queue and even what time of day it is - we have more project managers working during the day Pacific Standard Time than we do overnight for instance.

What type of websites do you work on?

We work on most types of websites including WordPress, Shopify, Storenvy, Tumblr, BigCommerce, Volusion, Yahoo Stores and Wix. We generally don't work on Joomla, Drupal or Magento sites or anything that is completely custom like a Ruby on Rails or Django-built website

Do you only work on small projects?
What if I want something bigger?

We work on projects of all sizes though we generally like to work on projects between 1 and 10 tweaks. The good part about this is it means we usually work with you to find an easier way to solve your challenge that makes the project manageable, or we can turn it into multiple projects.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be happy with the work that gets done on your website. That's why we have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can read more about it at freelancing.buzz

What is your contact number?

As a general rule we prefer to work via our briefing form or support email at support@rebaked.com. This helps us keep our costs low so we can continue to tweak websites from $39 per tweak

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