What is reBaked?
reBaked connects projects with freelance collaborators.
Unlike traditional service marketplaces, reBaked uses open collaboration within projects. By working together reBaked collaborators can produce more-complex and more-complete work than any single person could.
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We serve up reBaked with these things in mind:
Everyone should feel that they’re getting a good deal. We want sponsors to have access to freelancers who are highly-skilled, keen to listen, and driven to implement their desires. We heard the criticisms of the NO SPEC movement and believe there must be a more balanced sharing of risk between sponsors (capital holders) and freelancers (work producers). Your economics professor called this risk-imbalance a  moral hazard ; we know that avoiding this abuse is part of operating a responsible market.
A variety of project types must be accommodated to really shift the landscape. The tools should flex to adapt to different disciplines of work and methods.
Workers should be able to easily enter projects they find interesting, rewarding, and profitable. Likewise, workers should be able to exit projects that are boring, unfulfilling, or unprofitable. Project sponsors should be able to start projects effortlessly and end them quickly. All parties should be able to transfer money with minimum pain; both for funding new projects and getting paid for work.
We’ve all been stuck in jobs that we don’t like. We want a platform that frees workers from the mundane and enables a meritocracy that gives producers what they deserve. We want workers to be able to specialize on the tasks that make them productive, increase their autonomy, creativity, and choices. We want companies to have access to the best talent available without the overhead.
We want to bust the bureaucracy that make large corporations so frustrating. We want to free capital from overhead that seizes productivity. We want to shake-up the workplace and make life better for both the job providers and those working them. We believe this can be done in an environment that is self-organizing.